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Meet Killer Sloth

Killer Sloth

Llamas have one arch nemesis and that is The Killer Sloth!

Meet the Killer Sloth.

Killer Sloth Llamasters

Download the free Llamasters App!

If you want him to come alive Download the FREE LLamasters App and watch the Killer Sloth come alive!

Once you download the app, click “Let’s Play”, point your camera to the Killer Sloth card and watch him crawl out!


Where can I download the app?

For ios:

For android:

Qr code app store

Scan this QR code if you own an iOS device.

QR code play store

Scan this if you have an Android device.

What will you see?

Here’s a part of what you will see! A surprise Killer Sloth with his ornery smile and deceitful plans!

augmented reality

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