Upcoming Features

We want to show you our next goals and how close we are to reach them. We are a small team but we put every penny we have to make this game even better.

Next goal:

First Turn animations

Platform: Application


We all know how good it feels to be first in any game, right? Well, this notion inspired us to turn the selection of the first player into a fun game, as well.

Each player is to place their character card in front of the camera and the characters would start to fight. The winner of the fight grabs the chance to get the game started.
llama sketch 3

2000 USD

money needed to make it happen

520 USD

our contribution from our profit

We are extremely grateful for helping us:

  • Romain Tellez – 20 USD
llama sketch 2

New Character Animation

Our plan is to animate to animate all of the characters.
Next character: Llama Guard

llama sketch

Funny animation during the game

Our plan is to create more funny animations in the game during the play.

We need you and your support

Augmented Reality development is extremely expensive and time-consuming, which is why we have to take one step at a time – and also the profound reason why we need your support! With your contribution, we can develop as many new AR features as possible to enhance user experience!

Please tell others about Llamasters and help us conquer the world. If you have a chance to donate we would be very grateful.


  • Version 2.0.1— (Android version: 15/06/2021, iOS version: 20/06/2021 )
    The first version of the final app.
  • Bugs and compatible issues fixed.
  • Magic Cards symbols are replaced.
  • Killer Sloth appears in Spectator mode.
  • New menu
  • Version 1.0.1— (1/11/2020)
    Only for testing purpose!