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Supported devices – Llamasters App

More than 5500 devices runs the application. Find out if your device supports Llamasters Application: Manufacturer Model Name 10.or D 10.or E 10.or G 10.or 10or_G2 7mobile Kamba 2 7mobile SWEGUE A1 Ai-ES1059 A1 A1 Alpha 20+ ACE (Global) BUZZ 3 Plus ACE (Global) URBAN 3 ACE France AS0518 ACE France AS0618 ACE France BUZZ […]

The very first version of the final application has been released!

Don’t miss downloading the app and trying the game with it! A whole new level of gaming experience is guaranteed:   Keep in mind that our Kickstarter features are constantly being developed, and they will be gradually incorporated into the app. The backer card feature is not yet available for this release, but we will […]

Move Over Exploding Kittens, It’s Llamasters’ Time to Shine

exploding kittens

Exploding Llamas? Noo!! Picture the scene: it’s a standard Friday night and your two rowdy teenagers have been driving you round the bend all evening. The only way to get them to shut up and calm down is by getting them involved in game night (which you were meant to start later on when they […]

Exciting News!

Llamasters thank you

We are thrilled to share that our Kickstarter Campaign was a huge success. Llamasters was funded in only 48 hours! We even reached one of our stretch goals! Feel free to check out rest of our stretch goals on Kickstarter: Right now we have moved to the production phase of our project. Llamaster card […]

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