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Gameplay video

Thanks to Little Big Thumbs for the Gameplay video.

Playtrough video

Thanks to Harry Met Board Games for the short Playthrough video.

Unboxing video

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Unboxing video

One minute unboxing. 🙂


Check our short tutorial about the gameplay

Llamasters gameplay
Llamasters gameplay
Llamasters gameplay
Llamasters gameplay
Llamasters gameplay
Llamasters gameplay
Llamasters gameplay


After setting up the game can I see my Magic Cards?

No, you can’t. You can only see it if you are knocked out and you are playing with Augmented Reality (application)

If the King / Queen card has already flipped and somebody wants to steal your King with a Thief card, can I reflip it with a Llama Guard before he steals it?

If someone plays a Thief Llama against you, you can use a NoProbllama (if you have one) to deactivate his action card so you can save your King / Queen. Also! If you have a Llama Guard and it is your turn, you can turn your King/ Queen back.

Does the King / Queen Llama protect themselves multiple times?

No! Only once they can protect themselves against the Killer Sloth. If you are back in the game after being knocked out, you will not be able to use this ability again.

If the top of the discarded cards is a collectible card, is it possible to exchange the first action card below?

No. They can only be switched with the top ACTION card of the discarded cards. You can use this ability only when it’s your turn and you can ONLY switch them to an action cards, but not for system cards or for other collectible cards

If I activate a Thief card can I see the card I want to steal?

You can pick the card without seeing its front.

Can I keep the card that Thief Llama stole from another player?

Yes, you can keep the card (except for the Kings / Queens).

Have problems with the app?

Click here. NO Probllama takes care of this.