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Kickstarter exclusive content

ks exclusive content

We have Exclusive Kickstarter Campaign items!

What that means is that we created many special items, animations, interactions and more fun that you can get ONLY through our Kickstarter campaign.

We want to recognize those that supported us from our humble beginnings and Kickstarter days. You took a risk and we want to thank you by giving you special content no one else in the world will have access to. 

If you pledge $39.99 or more you will get: 

  • KS Exclusive Llama King
  • Three KS Exclusive Characters – Priority Llama, Thief Llama, and La La Llama
  • KS Exclusive Card AR animations – watch your cards come alive and dance around in your world
  • KS Exclusive Special animation on your Llamasters app 

We only have certain number of these very limited items. Pledge now to ensure you get your Kickstarter Exclusive Items and bring some fun and laughter into your world. 

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