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A quick update on production

Llamasters production

We have been working with out printing company about the Llamasters’ box. As promised we want to make sure the box is premium quality, and it looks and feels good.

As you know, we already broke the rules on the card design by creating full bleed cards that look and feel differently. And we want to do the same with the box! This just won’t be an average card box, because we are not average, nor are you! However, creating this amazing box is making us face some technical issues.

For example, the King Llama’s crown is too large and embossing the entire thing is just not feasible. The printing company suggested that we emboss some elements and maybe the outline.

Another thing they suggested was to use special metal-based paint with UV lacquer layer. Which we liked, but in that case we would lose the 3D effect. And the last option was to do a hot stamp with a golden layer. If you are wondering what “hot stamp” is — all you need to know is that it’s a special process that would give the box beautiful and exclusive look. But as is the case with UV lacquer layer, we would lose the 3D effect.

Based on these options we chose the best possible solution!

Well, actually a combination of solutions. We are going to use the hot stamp method, with golden layer and embossing effect wherever it’s possible. But we will also be using special CMYK printing for graphics to create 3D effect in areas that need it – like the King’s crown!

We will do anything to please our royalty and make our Kings and Queens look good.

In the meantime, if you haven’t preordered your game of Llamasters card game, please click here and become a part of royalty.

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