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Llama fun with AR

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Have you ever wondered what Augmented Reality (AR) is? No need to wonder any more! Check out this post and see AR in real life action video! 

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Augmented Reality, or more commonly knowns as AR, is a seamless, interactive real world experience where objects in real life (in our case cards) have been enhanced by by computer generated perceptual information, like videos or sounds. In our case, our card game has been enhanced by videos of dancing llamas, or killer a sloth that comes alive! When you play the game it feels like the killer sloth is right there in your living room, when in fact it is just a figment of your imagination — well, it’s more of a figment of our imagination that has altered your perception! 

To check what this looks like in real life watch the video below and meet our Killer Sloth! 

Video Description: 
This enterntaining part of AR will make you and your friends and family laugh. Look around your room and watch dancing llamas and killer sloths make you laugh. And if you want even more action, back our project on Kickstarter and get Kickstarter exclusive characters and animations.

How does it work? 

To explain all of the intricacies of how AR works we would need to write volumes of books. But in layman’s terms AR is well crafted, and balanced combination of two worlds – real and vital, combined with real-time interaction, and accurate 3D rendering of both virtual and real life objects. When these three are combined we manage to create limitless number of fun experiences and scenarios. With the combination of AR and real life the possibilities to enhance our reality are truly endless. We can crate simple dancing llamas to make you and you friends laugh, killer sloth to engage you into the game, or we can give losers a new advantage by allowing them to see the cards that are being drawn before anyone else see them! In other words, the loser becomes the fortune teller knowing what’s coming up next! 

To see this in action check out below video. 

Video Description:
If you are out of the game and want another chance to get back and become the Llamaster, open the Llamasters App and use it to scan the deck and find out which card is coming up next. Keep an eye out on the cards, because the right card will let you back into the game! 

What do you think about Augmented Reality? Please leave us a comment below:

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