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We printed the first 100 decks

first 100 decks

Hey Llamasters! 

We have some exciting news to share! 

Finally after grueling few months we have printed the first 100 decks of cards for testing! 

You might think this was an easy task, but trust us, it is much more complicated and time consuming than you can imagine. 

After diligently working with our designer to design the cards, we had to get each card print ready. It’s a lot of technical work, but what that means is that we had to include specific instructions so that the professional printer has clear understanding of what to print and how to cut it. Otherwise we might have a llama had chopped off without even realizing it! 

After we got our files print ready, we talked to the printer about different paper options. Being earth friendly we chose 100% recyclable paper. Yes, we care! 

We wanted to make sure that these cards were durable and felt good in your hands while playing. So we explored different industrial surface treatments. The one that best suited our needs was a special lacquer coating that goes over each card to make sure that holding the card felt good and smooth, while also making the card strong and durable so you can enjoy playing for many years. 

Once all this was decided and ready we printed a test card set so we can check that the colors were correct and that the quality of the cards was up to our standard. We also had to test the cards with the AR app to make sure there were no issues. 

As expected we had to work out some kinks, but finally the cards were ready to be mass printed. Well, not sure if 100 decks counts as a mass printing, but for us and our small team this is a major accomplishment!

Now those 100 decks are on their way to be delivered to our game testers! Yup, that’s real job — who knew! But the game testers will test the card game and make sure we are ready for the next step! 

Come back and check next week to find out the results of our professional game testers! 

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