Here are our main goals

happy llama


sad llama


happy llama


sad llama


King llama llamasters

What happens if we reach our goals?

Lot’s of things will happen if we reach out goals! First, we are going to be so stoked that our dream has become a reality and all of our hard work has paid off. Which means, we are going to have a proper, 6ft distant, virtual, zoom party.

We will also create new features in our Llamasters app, improve gameplay, create new AR videos, and much more. But that’s not all!

Get ready for the big and the best thing…..drumroll please…..we are going to donate



to a Llama Farm located in the United States

Vote to help us decide!

When we say we love llamas, we really mean it! This is why we are taking $10,000 and donating it to a Llama Farm. But, because you helped us get here, we think it’s only fair that you help decide where that money should go.

We selected top 5 Llama farms in the USA and want you to vote and tell us where do you think money should go!

donation to a llama farm